Admission Procedure for Nursery AND LKG

  1. Fill up the Admission Form for NURSERY / LKG and upload it. You will be taken to Payment Gateway wherein you will have to make a payment of Rs 200/-
  2. Take a print out of the duly filled form and submit the same at our school counter along with a copy of the Birth Certificate, on or before 5th December 2020
  3. If the candidate is eligible for admission according to the given guidelines, a notification (phone call / message) will be sent to the parents. Those who receive the notification only can proceed for the interview
  4. The date of interview for NURSERY is on 12th Dec. (Saturday), 9am onwards and on 19th Dec. 2020 (Saturda) 9am for LKG.
  5. At the time of interview the candidate should be accompanied by both the Parents.
  6. The site will remain opened for filling up the form and submission from 20th Nov. to 30th Nov.2020

Requirements at the interview

  1. Original Birth Certificate for verification
  2. 3 copies of latest passport size photo.